Monthly Mission Focus

We support missionaries and mission organization out of our budget...but these are free will offerings the congregations gives each month.

We will take up a special offering on the last Sunday of each month  (2017 giving) (2018 giving)

January: Food Pantry ($1,726) ($1,918)

February: Gideon’s International ($4,581) (3,792)

March: Prairie Camp ($2,428.50)

April: Gospel Echoes Prison Ministry ($3,376)

May: World Missionary Press ($2,761)

June: Hope Crisis Response Network ($1,856)

July: Friends of Israel ($1,535)

August: Bremen Bible Association ($2,753)

September: Teen Challenge (North Central District) ($3,295)

October: Operation Christmas Child ($1,718)

November: Voice of the Martyrs ($2,288.40)

December: Hope Rescue Ministries ($1,795)

Due to the sensitivity in areas of ministry, we cannot list names of people that we support.  But we support missionaries (mission work) in:

France/North Africa                                                Ghana

Malaysia                                                                    Texas

West Africa                                                                Advanced America

Hungary                                                                     Bethel College

Immigrant-Refuge Ministry                                    Broken Bread Ministries



South Africa

Caribbean & Americas

Missions Support